You can purchase Plutext products/services directly, or via your preferred reseller.

Purchasing Direct

To purchase directly, email with your purchase order or a simple email stating what you want to buy, and licensee name and street address.  You can find pricing on our products page.

We'll then send you an invoice.  We accept payment via credit card, direct bank transfer, and PayPal.

On receipt of payment, for software we'll send you a download link.

Purchasing via a Reseller

If you prefer to buy through a reseller, we can put you in touch with someone we've worked with, or you can ask the reseller to contact

Resellers we have worked are listed below, by geography then alphabetically.

Resellers - Europe

  • CCP Software GmbH
  • Comparex (Belgium, Germany, UK)
  • Compuwave GmbH
  • Comsoft S.A.S (France)

Resellers - North America

  • En Pointe Technologies 
  • SHI International