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Plutext created/released as open source the first version of docx4j more than 10 years ago, and has sponsored the docx4j project ever since. See the docx4j GitHub repo

Docx4j is the only SDK for working with Office documents in Java which leverages the power and convenience of JAXB to give you full access to all features of the file formats. (In comparison, Apache POI uses XML Beans, and Aspose is restricted to a limited API of its own)

Extended features

Docx4j Enterprise Edition helps you deliver robust document solutions by leveraging docx4j with dedicated support, and additional features:


for joining/concatenating docx files to make a single docx without loss of formatting. Try it here.


for creating a single pptx from slides in multiple source pptx. Try it here.

OLE helper

for linking or embedding objects (eg a PDF) in docx/pptx/xlsx files

Signature helper

for signing or verifying a digital signature in a docx/pptx/xlsx file

Comparison Table

docx4j Docx4j Enterprise Edition
100% open source OpenXML in Java, powered by JAXB
Key open source features - processing
content manipulation via JAXB
template variable processing
docx OpenDoPE conditions/repeats
docx MERGEFIELD (mailmerge) processing
Key open source features - importing
XML data binding (including images)
XHTML to docx via optional LGPL2 jar via optional LGPL2 jar
XHTML altChunk to docx (no need for Word) via optional LGPL2 jar via optional LGPL2 jar
RTF and binary .doc to docx (using Microsoft Word driven by documents4j)
Key open source features - export formats
docx to XHTML
docx to PDF (3 ways)
License Type Open source (Apache v2) Commercial
(source code available)
Enterprise Edition additional components
docx "MergeDocx" append/concatenate -
docx altChunk merged as native content (no need for Word) -
docx: file embedding (OLE) in docx -
docx: digital signatures -
pptx "MergePptx" append/concatenate -
pptx: file embedding (OLE) in pptx -
pptx: digital signatures -
xlsx: file embedding (OLE) in xlsx -
xlsx: digital signatures -
Support features
community forums, StackOverflow
OpenXML documentation
super useful code generation (webapp or Word AddIn)
dedicated support team -
proactive technical guidance -
product roadmap input -
release fast track -
Pricing Free Euro or USD

v11.4.0.5 trial/eval version for Java 11 or later and docx4j 11.4.x (which uses Jakarta bind)

or v8.4.11 trial/eval version for Java 8 (or later) users (using docx4j v8 and legacy javax.xml.bind)

Ordering Process and Fulfilment Policy

Prior to ordering, please use a trial version (linked above) to fully satisfy yourself that our product meets your needs. Since our software operates without any online license check (or any other need for network connectivity), we are generally unable to offer refunds or cancellations.

You may send your order to, or request a formal quote. We are happy to deal direct, or via your preferred enterprise software reseller. On receipt of payment, we provide the purchased software by means of a download link.

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