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Docx4j Enterprise Edition

Plutext and docx4j

Plutext is docx4j’s corporate patron. 


  • sponsors the development of docx4j (which is and will always remain 100% open source)
  • sells the Docx4j Enterprise Edition (based on docx4j)
  • provides support and maintenance for docx4j and Docx4j Enterprise Edition

Docx4j Enterprise Edition helps you deliver robust document solutions by leveraging docx4j with additional features and dedicated support.

The additional features:

  • MergeDocx, for joining/concatenating docx files to make a single docx without loss of formatting
  • MergePptx, for creating a single pptx from slides in multiple source pptx (ie similar to MergeDocx)
  • OLE helper, for linking or embedding objects (eg a PDF) in docx/pptx/xlsx files
  • Signature helper, for signing or verifying a digital signature in a docx/pptx/xlsx file

table comparing docx4j with Enterprise Edition